The Weed Gender Gap, Ctd

A reader writes:

The continuing discussion on the weed gender gap compelled me to email the Dish for the first time. I am a daily smoker (when I can afford it) and enjoy getting high much more than getting drunk. Especially the after effects. When living with my girlfriend (also a regular smoker) in England during our studies, I always picked up for us. Now that I am living back in the States and she is still in England, I get a little nervous when she goes to pick up. I am sure she is fine but I can't help my feelings.


I don't know any women my age (40) who are daily pot smokers.  First of all, the munchies; we actually try to avoid hunger and getting fat.  Secondly, responsible people don't smoke pot when they're pregnant and nursing. Finally, it's not really attractive to be a daily pot-smoking woman. Unfair or not, it's just socially less acceptable for women to smoke pot regularly.