Fighting Against Fossil Fuel

Reflecting on Bill McKibben's "Do the Math" tour, which encourages grassroots activism against the influence of the fossil fuel industry, Eric Moll spells out some strategies:

Potential tactics for climate activists fall along a wide spectrum. On one end are safe and legal options: petitions, electoral campaigning, legal obstruction, boycotts, strikes. Then there are peaceful tactics that fall into legal gray areas or unabashedly break the law: sit-ins, blockades, physical obstruction. At the far end is property destruction, sabotage and violence.

McKibben’s tour began the discussion on the "safe and legal" side of the spectrum, with a campaign of divestment called "Fossil Free"—getting universities, pension funds and governments to stop investing in fossil fuel companies. In his video, Archbishop Tutu explained how such a campaign helped end apartheid in South Africa. In one example of the type of activism encouraged by [McKibben's], the Mayor of Seattle recently called for the city to "refrain from future investments in fossil fuel companies and begin the process of divesting our pension portfolio from these companies".

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