“It Makes Me Cry Only When I See My Friends Go Before Me”

Maurice Sendak on growing old (truly a must-must-listen):

Mike Springer loves Christoph Niemann’s animation:

In late September of 2011, Maurice Sendak spoke one last time with Terry Gross for the NPR program Fresh Air. Ostensibly the interview was to promote Sendak’s final book, Bumble-Ardy, but as the conversation progressed it was clear they just wanted to talk. The beloved children’s writer and illustrator was 83 years old and in declining health. He was feeling the loss of people close to him who had died in recent years. Inevitably, the discussion turned to issues of mortality. As the conversation built to an emotional crescendo, Sendak laid bare the qualities that made him such a great author: sincerity, depth of feeling, and an insuperable need to connect with people in some elemental way.

It’s the voice that takes my breath away. And Terri Gross’s brilliance. And the simple statement: “I’m in love with the world.” Why is that so hard for so many of us to feel?