Face Of The Day

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Marina Galperina admires the swagger of some Russian gravestones:

A certain Russian blogger has recently rehashed these marvels. He presents them as opulent post-mortem totems to the “bourgeoisie of Russia and their henchmen.” I’m guessing something a bit more specific, as the style of the marble etchings are reminiscent of that often seen in the cemeteries of Yekaterinburg, Russia’s crime capital of the 1990′s where many mob gents were burried, with style.

Not to mention that the portraits look like Hollywood-cast ’90s gangsters — the dangly jewelry, the open collars, the ’90s cellphones splayed out on the table (these are very realistic, detailed portraits, you guys), the particular leather jacket fashions, kinging towering stances and faces of contentment, often with a detailed etching of a city landmark in the background. As in, I ran that city b and then I died.