The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #135


A reader writes:

The picture screams Seoul, South Korea.  The mountains in the background, the drab institutional architecture combined with the modern looking high-rise and the exhaust from the heating systems on a cold day – it all reminds me of the three winters I spent in Seoul.  I think the picture was taken on the north side of the Han River, in the neighborhood of either Angukdong; Insadong, Itaewon or Hannam – but I can't be sure.  The best I can guess is that the picture was taken on the North side of Seoul on a January afternoon.


I don’t have time to narrow it down, I’ve only been there once (and submitted a pic of my own from there that never made the cut), but that visage screams Mendoza, Argentina to me, as the sun sets over the Andes.


Asheville, North Carolina? I'm pretty sure that this was taken from downtown on Wall Street, most likely from the parking deck or a building near the parking deck, which is at 45 Wall Street. There is a great vegan restaurant just up the street from called the Laughing Seed. They have some of the best food in town, which is saying a lot.  I think it was the mountains that gave it away.  I know of no other view like that (not that I've been that many places).  I love that city. 


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No hope, spam bot. A reader writes:

CONGRATULATIONS on your new adventure! Next paycheck and I'll join the new Dish enthusiastically. I love being an armchair traveler with these contests. My guess this week is Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

I tried to make it Venezuela in honor of Hugo Chavez but there was a 1/16" distance to the mountains. So I landed on Belo Horizonte. My deductions began with a southern hemisphere country with mountains. All southern continents have mountains. For amateur reasons, I ended up with South America. B.H. is near a mountain range.  The mountain type in the photo kinda sorta looks like the experts' description of mountains in Brazil.  After jumping around Wiki,  it seemed B.H. mostly fits the view from the window. Belo Horizone is in serious discussions about radiation from cell phone towers. I've never hiked the Espinhaco. In fact, I've never hiked anywhere, unless you count vehicle rest stops in the Smokey Mountains. This is my first time entry. Do 60 year olds recieve any type of dispensations?

All ages created equal on the Dish. Another gets the right region:

Based on the concrete construction and preponderance of air conditioners on the roofs, I'm going with the Middle East. The mountains limit it to a few countries, so I'll go with Oman and its most populous city, Muscat (which is beautiful, by the way).


The photo reminded me of the view from a hotel in Kayseri, Turkey.  If correct, the volcano in the distance would be Mt. Erciyes 25 km south of the city.


That just HAS to be Incirlik, Turkey!  At least it’s some place in Turkey, I’m sure of it.  Or at least some place close.  Or in the general region.  I’m pretty sure.

Not Turkey, but close; it's Iran:

Tehran VFYW Overhead Marked - Copy

It takes an afternoon spent searching through pictures of Tehran to realize how damn big that city actually is. Finding your viewer's location was brutal, and I wouldn't be surprised if the city has more high rises than Sao Paolo or Hong Kong. In any case, this week's view looks southeast from roughly the 6th floor of the Espinas International Hotel located at 126 Keshavarz Boulevard. The Alborz mountains form the view's backdrop. The large tower at the left center of the picture is adjacent to the Noor Commercial Center, and the dark glass towards the tower's top is actually a metallic green when seen in daylight.

A remarkably accurate answer, and from only one of two readers to submit a Tehran entry. But since the above reader has won a contest already, the prize this week goes to the following reader:

This looks like Tehran to me. Big dense city with heavy air pollution, surrounded by mountains. Architecture reminds of "Tehran-like" vernacular, plus all those construction sites … antenna poles extend high too! At first I guessed that the window gazed westward (sunset) but then I noticed lack of incandescent lighting from the neighboring apartments. Early morning's more likely. East view would seem more apt then. Also, far left portion of the view reveals taller buildings. No major landmarks in sight, but hey, they could be deliberately omitted (either cropped out or hidden behind that window beam thing). So, long shot, I'll say Shirazi street.

Details from the photo's submitter:

Espinas Hotel on Keshavarz Boulevard, looking SE from room 617. Available through the hotel's wifi: HuffPo, no. Slate, no. NYT? Please. The Dish: Except for links and embedded videos, yes.

Believe it or not, there's also a Christmas tree with a little St. Nick in the lobby. Happy Christmas, Happy New Year!