“We Californians Loved Him So Much”

A reader writes:

You can’t make mention of Huell Howser and not put a video! He must be seen and HEARD to be believed.  As it so happens, my father, who passed away last May, led Huell on a tour of the Los Angeles Wholesale Flower Market, whose board my dad presided over for decades. Huell was an easily mockable personality, but everyone who ever watched his show was saddened by the news of his death.  It was hyper-local programming in a global world, old world glee, enthusiasm, and curiosity in a modern environment of cynicism and desentization.

Another writes:

Well, pace Sally Ride, here is an example of how some of us are still in the closet even in our obituaries.  

I'm not sure if you are familiar with Huell Howser – he was a TV journalist who did a documentary series for PBS stations called "California's Gold."  It was very cornpone, but people loved him.  I think it is not a secret in Southern California (where he lived and worked) that he was gay.  Yet there is nary a reference to his sexuality in the HuffPo obituary – or, in fact, any mention of his family or anything about his private life.  And this is the Huffington Post??

According to The Advocate, "In the past, some media reports have alluded to Howser being gay, but that has never been confirmed."