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Today on the Dish, Andrew put into context Hagel’s remarks on gays, continued to skewer Socarides’ opportunism, and marveled at the Log Cabin Republicans’ pact with the anti-Hagel left. He also reconsidered yesterday’s quarrel with Goldblog over AIPAC and  noticed support for the nomination within Israel. Then he defended his position on Brennan’s nomination and joined Waldman in demanding a definition of torture from its apologists. Andrew shook his head at Frum’s case against legalized pot, sparred with Steinglass on the limits of taxation, and recoiled at the standoff between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones.

In foreign coverage, Ali Abuminah bemoaned disproportionate concern over Hagel’s commitment to Israel over other allies, the Leveretts declared that Israel has nothing to fear from a nuclear Iran, and Mike Giglio showed how Syrians refugees are just as brutalized by the harsh winter as by Assad’s regime.  Back on the home front, we questioned whether the Obama campaign had much to do with its own victory and asked whether cliff negotiations have pushed the president toward legally dubious solutions. Keith Hennessey brainstormed some debt-limit strategies on behalf of House Republicans, William Voegeli observed how moderates tend to stoke extremism, David Roberts diagnosed lead exposure as the latest pollution requiring regulation, and we followed up on the one issue Obama ducked during his Reddit interview. 

In assorted coverage, Robert Krulwich taught us how to live weightlessly in space, Seth Stevenson gained a newfound appreciation of the fonts in everyday life, and Mike Bebernes confessed the agony of ADHD. While Californians continued to honor the late Huell Howser, we shuddered at some research on concussions in American football and considered the potential benefits of hecklers. Seth Horowitz explained the rapid-response of the human ear – and we put it to good use by weighing the merits of Les Misérables as music. We also indulged ourselves in a few philosophy puns and an economic limerick about the platinum coin. Lindsay Abrams cautioned how to interpret BMIs and health, while natural storyteller Noah St. John pulled at our heartstrings with a tale of two mothers. We spent a quiet VFYW moment in Georgia, appreciated Expedia’s cool ad, and drifted away to some trip hop during today’s MHB.

Finally, we reminded readers that an independent Dish will still feature about 80% free content, and continued to air reader views about advertising, though the new site will remain ad-free come February. If you haven’t already pitched in to help us fund that venture, you can do so here.

– B.J.

(Image of an Expedia ad via Copyranter)