“We Californians Loved Him So Much” Ctd

A reader writes:

Regarding the commenter who is upset that the Huffington Post's obituary of Huell Howser didn't mention that he was gay: shouldn't it be the objective of the gay and lesbian community to live in a society where it no longer matters that they are gay and lesbian?  Shouldn't it be the objective of people who believe in equality and the same rights for all that we no longer have these labels? Whether it is African-American, gay or straight, Catholic or Muslim, the never-ending need for labels is what drives us apart rather than together. 

Another writes:

People can say what they will about Huell Hower’s television work, but there is little doubt he was a unique embodiment of California. During the L.A. riots in 1992, I witnessed Howser produce a revolver and personally guard my neighborhood Radio Shack in the Larchmont district. He was just fed up with people wrecking his city and practically dared anyone to try and steal a boombox. That incident cemented my esteem for him. Yeah his show was corny, but he was a guide to everything great and ordinary about the Golden State, and I’m glad I got to take his tour. 

Another sends the above video:

Comedian James Adomian has made his Huell Howser impression famous through Comedy Bang Bang. In the podcast, Adomian's Howser moves consistently with every appearance from hail-fellow-well-met to slaughtering avenging angel. Here's a sample. [Above] is a Funny or Die video of Adomian performing as Howser – just homage, no slaughtering. And here is a NYT profile of Adomian, "Gay Male Comics Await The Spotlight."