Every Now And Again, DC Can Crack You Up

This is truly special:

Dick Armey had no idea he was speaking to the left-wing Media Matters organization during an interview last week, he told The Daily Caller Tuesday. Instead, Armey thought he was chatting with the conservative Media Research Center.

Classic Armey nugget – I'm sorry but I've always had a soft spot for him:

As for who he thought he was speaking to, Armey asked the Daily Caller, "Who's the guy with the red beard that always does the show where he points out how biased the press is?" Told he seemed to be referring to the Media Research Center's Brent Bozell, who does a weekly "Media Mash" segment on Fox News, Armey said, "Yeah, I thought it was Brent Bozell."

I have memorized the face of Brent Bozell just so I can run if I see him coming down the street. But I don't blame Dick for drawing a blank.