The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew questioned why it should matter if Hagel is in the "mainstream" of the Washington consensus, while having a chuckle over DC culture. He addressed the different sides of the administration’s Louie Giglio imbroglio, and reflected on the enigma of Nixon on the man’s would-be 100th birthday. Andrew also traded blows with Dreher and Frum over nanny-state drug policy, engaged with Jonathan Glick over how to run the pay-meter at the new Dish and surveyed reader thoughts on this week’s cage match between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones.

Elsewhere, the debate over the mega-coin rolled on, Adam Ozimek debunked the mythos of small business, and Ronald Bailey made the case for fracking.  We aired more thoughts on Brennan’s nomination, and parsed a poll that put Congress’s favorability ratings somewhere between poser-rock and STDs. We expressed concern over Obama’s lack of presidential pardons, and Jim Manzi dove even further into Drum’s lead/crime conundrum. Looking abroad, the Leveretts made their case for Iranian uranium enrichment, we asked whether a full withdrawal from Afghanistan is in the cards, and Armin Rosen exposed the moral hazard of U.S. aid to North Korea.

In assorted coverage, we checked in on scientists’ grasp of the human genome, took the country’s temperature during this nasty flu season, pushed away overbearing new "smart forks," and spotted some pushback against homophobia in the Boy Scouts. Michael Santos struggled to catch up with technology after serving time while the late Paul Fussell pointed out the significance of that college sticker on your rear window.

We also kept up with Canadian standup as Beck sprinkled his new album across the Internet. Elaine Blair marked the difference between romance in rom-coms and sitcoms, Ta-Nehisi and Marc Ambinder parted ways on Django Unchained and Mikl-Em reminded us that "Happy Birthday" isn’t public domain.  After gazing at an overcast Usheaia, Argentina in today’s VFYW, we witnessed some badass table tennis during the MHB, and paused for a poem by Bei Dao here

– B.J.

(Chart of current flu epidemic from Google's statistics)