Nanny Fork Watch

Sam Byford profiles the HAPIfork:

[I]t's a "smart fork" that has a Bluetooth radio, a capacitive sensor, and a vibration motor built-in. The idea is that as you eat, every time the fork touches your mouth it triggers the sensor, measuring your bites on the app. If you eat too quickly, the fork vibrates to tell you to slow down. French creator HAPIlabs' contention is that eating too fast is a cause of weight gain, so a smart fork that slows you down will help you lose weight. The fork pairs with a mobile app that not only tracks every bite, but also when your meal begins, ends, and even how long each "fork duration" is — how long it takes to actually move the food from the plate to your maw.

Alexis Madrigal is not a fan:

This gizmo gets my prize for most horrifying/fascinating thing to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show, which is exploding all over Vegas right now… Would this fork help me eat at a healthier rate? Maybe. But I don't think the tradeoff is worth it.