A Note On The Leveretts

I totally understand my reader's reaction to the series of reader interviews. There were times in these interviews when I found myself at a loss for words when I think of the murderous state apparatus I saw gunning kids down in the street and sending in thugs to break and torture them later. But obviously, we do not pick our Ask Anything guests on the basis of agreeing with them. Precisely the opposite. We're not afraid of real debate. We think it's been absent for quite some time.

Part of what we're trying to here is to widen the debate so all parties can be heard, to expand the public policy debate beyond the confines of the Beltway Consensus. And the absence of comments does not prevent readers directly responding to the interviewees. Because readers get to pick the questions they get asked. I don't know of many other crowd-sourced interviews out there and the point is to evoke candid questions that the often wimpy MSM won't ask.