Fuck Old Media

A reader writes:

My 90-year-old father died, so my family and I worked together to write a thoughtful and heartfelt obituary of a man who volunteered to serve his country in World War II and flew 35 missions over Germany.  We submitted the obituary (about 400 words) to the newspaper in his hometown, a small city of about 150,000. 

We expected there to be a charge for the obituary, since the newspaper is providing a service.  What we didn’t expect was a bill for more than $700, with no explanation whatsoever as to how it was calculated.  Just for perspective, this is nearly as much as the charge from the funeral home that handled his cremation and all of the procedures associated with the hospital.

I know newspapers have fallen on hard times, but if this is how they think they’re going to survive, they can fuck off and die for all I care.