Covering Up Climate Change

Jill Fitzsimmons delivers the results of a Media Matters study on climate change coverage in 2012:

Together, the nightly news programs on ABC, CBS and NBC devoted only 12 segments to climate change in 2012. PBS' coverage stood out, with its nightly news program dedicating 23 segments to the issue.

Sunday morning was even worse:

Since 2009, climate coverage on the Sunday shows has declined every year. In 2012, the Sunday shows spent less than 8 minutes on climate change, down from 9 minutes in 2011, 21 minutes in 2010, and over an hour in 2009. The vast majority of coverage — 89 percent — was driven by politics, and none was driven by scientific findings.

This video is the first mention of the record-setting 2012 temperatures on Fox News – "before [host] Gutfeld interjected by shouting: 'Lies.'" One day, I suspect, people will look back on that attitude and wonder why this kind of denialism only exists in any serious institutional form on the American right – anywhere in the world. No other major party of the right in the West is that crazy.