Netflix Originals Get More Original

Alyssa previews Arrested Development's reprise:

[T]he two most interesting things that Mitch Hurwitz, Arrested Development’s creator, explained about the Netflix episodes had nothing to do with what story they’d tell. Rather, he said first that the episodes would each focus on a different character, that they could be watched in no particular order, and that events in each episode would become clearer as viewers watched more of them. And second, he explained that some of them were different lengths, though they are all roughly thirty minutes long.

How she understands these creative choices:

Up until these announcements, it’s really seemed like Netflix was simply chasing broadcast television, whether picking up its scraps of cancelled shows or chasing cable’s tone. But if the network can make its bones by truly taking advantage of the things that make it different from the networks and cable, then it might be able to truly make itself a destination for creators and viewers, the way that cable’s lack of content restrictions has done for it over the last decade and a half.