A Taxonomy Of Type, Ctd

-qkslvr deli rug2 (1)

A reader sends the above photo:

Yesterday I walked across my typeface design on a rug in a midtown deli. It's an old design called "Quicksilver" I did in 1976 in high school and sold to Letraset. I collect samples of it on a Flickr page.  I am the one bridging the punk, hip hop, Aussie pop, Michael Jackson, and porn. 

Another writes:

Sadly the photo you used (Lenox Lounge) is part of what is dying in NYC.  Lenox Lounge closed at the end of December to make room for a Harlem Nobu.  There is less and less of this kind of gorgeous signage in New York.  It is completely dying.


Along the lines of this thread, you guys should check out font.ly, a web project designed to map font examples from the wild. Fun to explore.