Driving While Stoned, Ctd

A reader writes:

Just reading your response to Frum's scaremongering on legalized weed.  When it comes to driving while high, I completely agree that there needs to be legal enforcement in place similar to drunk driving.  I don't want anyone on the road to be inebriated in any way.  But I'm willing to bet that the threat of hordes of stoned drivers as a result of legalization is misplaced.  People drive drunk because they're out for drinks and need to get home.  The majority of those who get caught DUI likely aren't plastered.  Sometimes they probably just don't want to pay for a cab and don't want the hassle of coming back to get their car the next day or whatever, so they decide to run the gauntlet and get caught. And good, because I don't want drunk drivers on the road.  

But as we all know, booze and pot aren't the same.  When people smoke pot, they're usually doing it at home.  They're not out at bars or out at live sports or wherever.  They are, like me, sitting in their own living room or back yard, enjoying a joint, listening to some music, then watching some Breaking Bad and going to bed. They're far less likely to be in a position to make the poor choice to get behind the wheel because in many cases they're probably already home.

Frum writes as someone who has clearly never gotten high once in his life.  And it's sad that these people are driving public policy on drug use.  It's no different from old white men deciding what women get to do with their bodies.

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