Matt And Trey Go Independent


It's a fantastic development – and a ballsy one – for one simple reason: the sharpest and most humane social satirists of our time can now do whatever the fuck they want. No more desperate pleas to Hollywod studios, no more bullshit interventions in their artistic process: just the freedom to innovate and create and keep much more of the rewards than in the past. Sound familiar? The Dish is an Internet minnow, compared with these geniuses' output on TV, web and stage, but regular open-ended conversations with Matt was one reason I found the courage to do this on a much tinier stage myself.

This must surely be the future: in which the agencies and companies and studios and newspapers and magazines can no longer simply own talent; talent can now own itself and produce with greater freedom and more rewards. We need more of this as the means of communication are controlled less and less by bullies with money and more and more by creators with followers.

And while I'm at it, good luck in London. I have a feeling the Brits will love the Book of Mormon more than any other population – and will also have to grapple a little with their too-often smug condescension to religious life. And that's why the Book of Mormon is so right for London. It tugs every string of anti-religious bigotry the Brits smugly revel in and then smacks them right back in the face. If any country could do with such a whiplash, it's my resolutely anti-religious homeland.

(Photo: South Park writers/creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker arrive at 'South Park's' 15th Anniversary Party at The Barker Hanger on September 20, 2011 in Santa Monica, California. By Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.)