Quote For The Day II

"I want to sit down and get his view points on Israel, our greatest ally. I want to see… why he chose to oppose the Iraq War, which I think was a wise choice now that we know all the conditions," – Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

"Our greatest ally"? Greater than the UK, whose soldiers died and are still dying in large numbers in Iraq and Afghanistan? Or every other NATO ally, committed to regard an attack on any member as an attack on itself? Or the many Arab states who fought alongside the US in the first Gulf War?

But at least we know that Manchin's foreign policy judgment is sound. After all, who would doubt that the Iraq War was, in retrospect, a "wise choice"?

Update: I think I read Manchin's statement incorrectly. It's not completely clear but it's more likely as I now see, thanks to readers, that he was referring to Hagel's opposition to the Iraq war as the "wise choice." Apologies.