Chirping To The Beat

Andrew Sullivan —  Jan 15 2013 @ 6:04pm

Erik Vance ponders the musical taste of Kevin, his $10 canary:

Every morning I sit down to work, turn on either a Cyndi Lauper, Jack Johnson, or Pavarotti Pandora station, and start typing. And Kevin sings along –  adding staccato trilling during the long notes, warbling burbles during the wordy bits, and finishing in unison with the song. He doesn’t actually get the tune, but I could swear he is harmonizing. And then there’s his tastes. At first, eager to greet the morning he’ll sing to anything. But by late morning, he’s choosier. Madonna, Bon Jovi, the Eagles? He can’t get enough. John Mayer, Tracy Chapman, or anyone playing an acoustic guitar and he silently waits for the next song. Turns out, he’s a big fan of opera, classic rock, and some country. He hates most new age, acoustic, and alternative rock.

The cockatiel above is more of a dub-step fan.