Coke Counts Calories

Morgan Clendaniel is ambivalent about Coca-Cola’s new commercial:

The ad makes the point that the only thing that matters is that you burn more calories than you take in. And while this is fundamentally true (you won’t gain weight if you are at a calorie deficit), a liquid, high-fructose corn syrup calorie is not the same–health-wise–as, say, a calorie from an organic vegetable.

Marion Nestle is less forgiving:

The video—how much do these things cost?—argues that the company is producing lower-calorie products in smaller sizes and promoting community activity, that all calories count, and that it’s up to you to fit Coke into your healthy active lifestyle. The ad is an astonishing act of chutzpah, explainable only as an act of desperation to do something about the company’s declining sales in the U.S.

Update from a reader:

This isn’t your mistake, but the quote from Marion Nestle talks about “declining sales in the US” and links to a Reuters article that says no such thing, only non-US declining sales. It’s the emotional high-point of her piece (“astonishing act of chutzpah”), and so of course it falls flat.