You Just Got A Little More Insignificant

Rebecca J. Rosen profiles the Huge-LQG, a distant wall of galaxies that scientists at University of Central Lancashire have uncovered as “quite definitely [the] largest structure ever seen in the entire universe”:

Because the Huge-LQG is so, well, huge, and particularly because it is located so near another huge object, the results throw into doubt the cosmological principle, an assumption that traces back to Einstein, which presupposed that given a large enough scale, the universe should look the same everywhere you look. But with an object this extraordinarily large, it seems that that region of the universe is quite unusual. Even given the cosmological principle, you expect to see some unusually large features, but the Huge-LQG exceeds even the largest expected size “substantially,” [Head of research] Clowes wrote to me over email. “Some of our previous findings came close, but didn’t exceed it. This one does.”

Eric Idle needs to update.