“Because They Were The Right 900,000″

That quote by Roger McNamee refers to the number of heydey New Yorker subscribers, in the context of a brand isolating a core audience willing to pay for content rather than mass-market to everyone. But 900,000 also happens to be the rough number of Dish readers per month. McNamee gives that readership a shout-out starting at the 26-minute mark of this video, flagged by a reader:

Roger McNamee, the tech venture capitalist, was just on Charlie Rose.  One of his topics was paying for content that is valuable to you (one of his analogies was classical music – it doesn’t make it on its own so it gets subsized by a small group).  He said he supports about a dozen blogs directly and mentioned you specifically, saying $20 was nothing, and that he paid what it was worth to him – “10 times more than what [you] were charging.” Anyway, he’s pretty insightful, and entertaining. I suggest you watch the whole Rose interview and consider inviting McNamee on your “Ask Anything” series.

Stay tuned. And you can join Roger by pre-subscribing to the new Dish here.