The Prohibitionists

Rolling Stone made a list of the most prominent pot legalization opponents. Mike Riggs suggests some additions:

If you’re going to make a list of legalization’s biggest enemies, and there’s only five slots, you should probably go with the people who are, you know, big. That’s why it was smart of Rolling Stone to include Kerlikowske and Leonhart in its writeup, and absolutely outrageous that the magazine omitted President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, all of whom have exponentially more control over the execution of America’s drug war than a blogger and his friends, and all of whom are on the record as being opposed to legalization.

In another post, Riggs finds no evidence that Obama is tackling the drug war:

Even if Obama does do something with the drug war—say, expands the federal drug court pilot program from three jurisdications to nationwide, or allows convicted drug offenders to borrow federally guaranteed funds for college—that’s not the same as “tackling” the drug war. Not when you consider how complex Obamacare is, and the thousands of hours that went into crafting and debating and negotiating that legislation. Anything short of a major overhaul of the Controlled Substances Act, asset forfeiture policies, and our massive prison system simply doesn’t count as a tackle.