Backing Away From Backscatter


David Kravets calls the TSA’s decision to pull the Rapiscan body scanners from airports “a rare victory” for the public:

The Transportation Security Administration is pulling the plug on its nude body scanner program, a decision announced Friday that closes the door to a tumultuous privacy battle with the public scoring a rare victory. Travelers will continue to go through one of two types of scanners already deployed, but images of naked bodies will no longer be produced. Instead, software will instead show a generic outline of a person.

Bruce Schneier applauds:

This is a big win for privacy. But, more importantly, it’s a big win because the TSA is actually taking privacy seriously. Yes, Congress ordered them to do so. But they didn’t defy Congress; they did it. The machines will be gone by June.

(Photo: The new machines will use generic outlines like the one shown here rather than passenger-specific images. Via NPR, from the TSA.)