Voting Vicariously In Israel

An Israeli woman rides her bicycle past election posters

Mairav Zonszein explains why she gave her vote away to an Arab woman from Ramallah a non-citizen Palestinian from East Jerusalem, “in an act of protest, frustration and guilt”:

A country that prides itself so aggressively on its democracy cannot annex an area and leave its population in the dust and think it can get away with it. And I cannot happily go to the polls and vote for a party – even if there is a party I really do believe in – because it feels like a sham. And I am angry that it feels like a sham. I am angry that I couldn’t feel good about voting today and that I was not capable of feeling empowered by my civil rights.

(Photo: An Israeli woman rides her bicycle past campaign posters for Likud’s Binyamin Netanyahu (left) and Labour’s Shelly Yachimovich (right) in Tel Aviv. By Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images)