Currency FAIL

Canada’s new bank notes need a botany lesson:

[I]t turns out that the maple leaf depicted in a prominent security feature on the new notes most closely resembles a Norwegian maple, rather than one of the country’s ten canada-moneynative species. … The central bank insists that it did consult an unnamed dendrologist—a specialist in wooded plants such as trees, shrubs and lianas—and that the stylised leaf is meant to represent all maples. But botanists, including one who consults with the Royal Mint on coinage, have been coming forward to say that the leaf with five main lobes on the notes is definitely from the Norway maple, an invasive species brought to North America in the 18th century which turns yellow in the autumn, and definitely not the iconic sugar maple leaf, which has three main lobes and turns a brilliant scarlet.

(Photo: A man displays Canadian 20-dollar bills in Washington on January 14, 2013. By Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images.)