Richard Sandomir and James Andrew Miller add [NYT] an ironic wrinkle to the Te’o story:

Reporters for the network had been working for almost a week trying to nail down an extraordinary story: Manti Te’o’s girlfriend… might be a hoax. ESPN decided to hold its story about the hoax involving Manti Te’o in hopes of getting an interview with him on camera.

Some inside the network argued that its reporters — who had initially been put onto the story by Tom Condon, Te’o’s agent — had enough material to justify publishing an article. Others were less sure and pushed to get an interview with Te’o, something that might happen as soon as the next day. For them, it was a question of journalistic standards. They did not want to be wrong. “We were very close,” said Vince Doria, ESPN’s chief for news. “We wanted to be very careful.” ESPN held the story, and then lost it.

Like Newsweek and Drudge on Lewinsky. Notice the need for the MSM to have the interview “get.” You can always ask for a statement instead. Now remember how the need for the interview “get” allowed Sarah Palin to avoid a single, open-ended press conference after being foisted on the country by John McCain. There’s a reason Drudge is still thriving and Deadspin beat ESPN. They both put reporting before access.