The End Of The Dive Bar? Ctd

A reader writes:

Maybe dive bars are going away in LA and DC, but here in Chicago they are doing just fine. There’s a place near me that has $1 PBR all the time.  I live in an old German neighborhood, which means my closest dive bars actually have pretty good beer and still manage to be affordable. Even in the areas that have been heavily gentrified it seems there’s always a couple dives that manage to stick around. I suspect in the end it’s just a question of economics.  At some point it’s not profitable to run a dive bar, but in Chicago with a lower cost of living than LA or DC, there are plenty of good dive bars.


I think smoking bans have been the death knell for the venerable “dive bars.” Oh SURE, it’s a healthier environment now … but whoever went to a dark, sleazy dive bar for the sake of HEALTH?

Another points to a great tumblr:

I’ve been contracted to write a massive beer book in a compressed time frame, and to clear my mind, I go for walks around Portland, Oregon. The strange and wonderful architectural oddities that are dive bars mesmerize me.