The Ripples Of Roe

J.F. at DiA considers them:

Writing in the New Yorker, Jill Lepore makes a compelling case that the real and lasting legacy of Roe has nothing to do with abortion; instead, it has to do with how the left and right use courts. The left, seeing the backlash that resulted from the Supreme Court effectively deciding a complex and thorny social issue, has been reluctant to go that road again. The right, seeing how the Supreme Court had effectively decided a complex and thorny social issue, has, in the words of a constitutional-law scholar whom Ms Lepore quotes, “raised a generation of people who understand that courts matter and who will vote on that basis and can be mobilised to vote on that basis and who are willing to pay political costs for votes. This is completely lacking on the other side.” Never underestimate the instructive power of failure and loss, in other words.