First Tancredo; Why Not Obama?


The far-right former congressman from Colorado will soon publicly and legally smoke a joint in his home state – to make good on a bet he made with a producer of a documentary on the passage of Amendment 64. This is a statement I hope David Frum reads:

I am endorsing Amendment 64 not despite my conservative beliefs, but because of them. Our nation is spending tens of billions of dollars annually in an attempt to prohibit adults from using a substance objectively less harmful than alcohol.

The president, who smoked more pot as a teenager than most people will in a lifetime, has previously laughed off the option of legalizing and taxing cannabis. His DEA, moreover, retains the simply insane notion that pot is in the most dangerous category of drugs, right up there with heroin, with no medical use whatever. This is bonkers. It seems to me that this administration should order a review of that classification as soon as possible; and that the next time our former hardcore stoner president arrives in Colorado, he might visit a legal dispensary and show his appreciation of Coloradan freedom. Or maybe – in my dreams – the next generation of Republicans will seize this issue against racist, wasteful and unnecessary government intrusion into our lives – and help win back a generation for limited government.