The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew took aim at the historical myths concocted by the gay left and religious right, and stared in disbelief at the criminalization of HIV in America. With the Israeli elections over, he studied the country’s deep division in light of the results and put his foot down about US meddling in Syria. Elsewhere, Andrew noticed that the pro-torture right has yet to really brandish Zero Dark Thirty as propaganda, groaned at the infinite lameness of the Democrats and Harry Reid, and spread the gospel of winter beardage.

On the politics beat, we rounded up coverage and commentary on the US military lifting the ban on women in combat, which saw both considered and boorish pushback. A reader tipped us off to the GOP’s quiet but disquieting effort to rig states’ electoral vote count, Neil Irwin assured us that the stock market’s current boom is no bubble, and Mary Elizabeth Williams earned herself a Yglesias Award for her honest remarks on abortion. Meanwhile, we kept an eye on Rhode Island’s push toward marriage equality, charted the cost of American empire since WWII, and examined why investors keep turning to sketchy hedge funds.

In assorted coverage, readers sounded off on yesterday’s anonymous letter in defense of Mel Gibson, while one shared a surreal college story that produced an unforgettable photo. We reaffirmed the truth of the moon landing, rolled out a canine atlas of NYC, and tried to give Internet comments the best of both accountability and pseudonymity.

Cristy Gelling introduced the birds whose brains are both a hazard and an asset, Paul Marks let cyclists know they can strap a GPS around their waist, and Jessica Dorr proved that libraries are as vital as ever. We sampled the morning mist on the Ucayali River, Peru for the VFYW, met the gaze of a particularly colorful Face Of The Day, and enjoyed every frame of today’s MHB.

– B.J.