The Gerrymandering Old Party

A reader writes:

First let me just say that I’m a happy contributor to your site (only a mere $20.13, as it’s all I can really afford right now, but I plan to give every year). Now can you please sound the alarm about the GOP’s sneaky plan to rig every future presidential election that is taking place right now? This bill was just introduced in the Pennsylvania legislature. Long story short, the state would end up splitting its electoral votes based on the gerrymandering, so even though Obama won the state by a lot, he’d only get around 7 electoral votes while Romney would have gotten 13.  And the plan, which is essentially the GOP gerrymandering plan where they bragged about keeping the House even though they lost the popular House vote by over a million votes, is supported by RNC chair Reince Priebus.

There are a bunch of articles on the web about this, but most of the country has been distracted by the fiscal cliff, then the gun control debates, then the inauguration, Manti Te’o, etc.  So they are sneaking this through quietly. Why?  Because they know it’s underhanded and they have to know it really is a blatant attack on democracy. I mean, the Virginia state legislators snuck another gerrymandering bill through Monday because one of the state senators was at the inauguration, so he couldn’t be there to vote against it (the bill passed by one vote).

This is what the GOP has turned into now.  It’s disgraceful.  Like you, I used to be firmly with the “conservatives,” though I can’t even imagine returning to that party after all this.  I feel a little hopeless about this because there really isn’t much we can do except let people know about it; and I hope that you feel the same way and use your platform.

TNC is on the case. We’ll keep tabs from now on. Thanks to every reader who alerts us to something we miss – especially non-national developments. Update from another:

This story is a national issue. Similar moves are being contemplated here in Michigan, and also WI, OH and FL. What a disgrace. Even Fox isdiscussing it.