The ZD30 Anti-Climax


To add to Cheney, there was some weird op-ed piece in the New York Post andHannity. But what has been striking to me is that the movie has not been easily translated into pure pro-torture propaganda by the Cheney right. It has not become a real rallying cry, so far as I have seen or heard, for Cheney’s argument that torturers are actually heroes. My simple possible explanation: if you want to use ZD30 to advance the cause of torture, it makes you face torture and the raw reality in which it was brutally and sadistically and methodically enforced (and lied about) by the Bush administration. So ignore the lame New York Post op-ed. Look at theNew York Post review:

Bigelow has made an essentially nonpolitical film — far from endorsing the likes of waterboarding, she and Boal leave audiences to decide for themselves whether torture was necessary to stop al Qaeda… So not only is “Zero Dark Thirty’’ one of the year’s best movies, it’s an inspiring one to share with your daughters. That is, if they’re old enough to deal with explicit torture scenes.

Notice the man’s simple inability to describe what he saw as anything but torture. Period. Which is a war crime. Period. You have to have sealed yourself off completely from fundamental moral principle and core human feeling to watch those scenes and call them “enhanced interrogation” without sounding like an extra from Nineteen-Eighty-Four.

In other words, you need to be a delusional propagandist like Hannity or someone who cannot – understandably – wrap her head around the idea that her father is a war criminal and should have been arrested and sent to the Hague a long time ago.