The Beginning Of The Horserace

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Kevin Drum thinks Jindal is already running for 2016. He takes Jindal seriously:

Will the media continue to tout Jindal as a “breath of fresh air” for the Republican Party? Or will they eventually catch on that he basically wants to turn the entire country into Louisiana? We’ll have to wait and see. But I think Jindal has more crossover appeal than a lot of pundits think. He’s got obvious appeal to the tea party base, which loves his hardnosed conservatism and really loves the idea of proving that they’re not racists by voting for a hardnosed conservative who’s also a dark-skinned son of Indian parents. (Take that, liberals!) And the press will, as usual, be wowed by the idea of a hardnosed conservative who has a high IQ and can discuss policy issues intelligently. The fact that Jindal is singing the same old tired song, and merely wrapping it in a thin fog of policy wonkishness, will take a while to sink in.

Allahpundit says it’s “all about brand-building right now for the 2016 field”:

Rubio’s aiming to show he can solve the GOP’s demographic problems by brokering a deal on immigration; Rand Paul’s trying to prove to mainstream conservatives that he can be trusted on foreign policy; Christie’s wooing the center by lashing out at Republicans and key conservative interest groups like the NRA. And now here’s Jindal, who tore Romney apart after the election for his “47 percent” comments, planting his flag on middle-class economic opportunity and federalism.