The Dish Model, Ctd


A reader writes:

I just read that you pay your interns. I applaud that! In the ’90s I did a couple of unpaid internships that paved the way for gainful employment, so I’ve benefited from the system. I was lucky because my parents could help out while I was working for free. I agree with the idea of people paying dues, learning the ropes, starting in the mail room, etc. But why not for minimum wage at least? The poor cannot afford to audition for jobs for several months the way I could. The rise of unpaid internships as a prerequisite for interesting work is just unfair and perpetuates the class system.

So thanks. I’m gonna subscribe now.

We actually pay Dishterns roughly twice the minimum wage and include health insurance. That’s the deal I insisted they had with us at the Beast (no one who works for me is not going to have health insurance, period), so that’s the deal we are determined to continue under Dish Publishing LLC. You can help keep our internship a paid one by pre-subscribing here (and we allow you to give a little extra if you have the means).

(Clockwise from top-left: Maisie Allison (now at The American Conservative), Zack Beauchamp (now at Think Progress), Gwynn Guilford (now at Quartz), Chas Danner (who will be staying on after we go independent), Doug Allen and Tela (current Dishtern and beagle bait, respectively), Brendan James (current Dishtern and troubadour). Zoe, Chris and Patrick all started as interns as well.)