Accidental Dating Profiles


Molly Erman test-drives Instagram for picking up guys:

This simple photo stream is an intimate (albeit edited) record of our lives — a roadmap, and at best, a humorous, even sexy one. It conveys a surprising amount of information: your neighborhood and surroundings, preferred alcohol, favorite locales, an exhaustive picture of your dining habits, whether you have a sense of humor at all, the general attractiveness of your friends, the overall creepiness of your point of view. The effect of that nonchalant percentage of GPOY (read: “Gratuitous Pictures of Yourself”), slipped delicately between photos of painted toes and rooftop sunsets, the lot of it aglow with the addition of a skin-illuminating “Rise” filter, is one of rosy, mysterious appeal. …

Instagram is a portrait of yourself beyond selfies, almost an accidental profile that spares you from having to list your favorite movies or perfect Friday night (and thus leap flailingly from the window while you’re at it).

On a related note, Zak Stone reviews a cool new app that collects Instagram photos from nearby happenings:

Instagram has a remarkable way of letting you know exactly what you’re missing. But a new app called Now aims to turn Instagram’s data into a key for social access rather than a way to breed loneliness, by parsing activity at locations with a heavy volume of Instagram uploads to figure out “where the party’s at,” as Nelly puts it. For example, if 100 photos are suddenly Instagrammed at a bar near you where a popular DJ is spinning, Now lets you know it might be a place to go have a good time.

(Photo by Molbot)