Cool Ad Watch

Andrew Beaujon describes an ambitious new campaign:

6a00d83451c45669e2017c366d021e970b-250wiChicago’s WBEZ wants its listeners to make more listeners. The agency Xi Chicago designed the $400,000 “2032 Membership Drive,” which “inspires interesting people to hook up with interesting people and make more interesting people, thereby creating the next generation of listeners.” … [T]he ads will appear in print, online, at train platforms and bus stops, on taxis and T-shirts, with these taglines:

– Do it. For Chicago.
– We want listeners tomorrow. Go make babies today.
– Hey Interesting People, get a room already. And then put a crib in it.
– To anyone NOT currently running a virtual farm:
– You’re an interesting person. Pass it on. Like, literally. Through your DNA.