Emails On Your Wrist


Noting that we “look at [our] phones 34 times a day,” David Yanofsky chafes at the inconvenience of having to pull your phone out of your pocket every time:

We’ve seen watches, Walkmen, radios, cell phones, address books, calendars, checkbooks, and even wallets combine into multi-function devices. Android, iOS and Windows devices are now capable of replacing all of them. All the while we’ve ignored the most convenient place to keep track of all that information. Pockets are where we store our lint. Nascent information could easily be made available on our wrists. It’s high time.

Zach Honig is hopeful about a new product trying to utilize this unused real estate:

[Pebble is] not a smartphone for your wrist, as we’ve seen attempted before. In fact, it’s far less sophisticated than you might expect — the lightweight device reads out basic text, lets you skip through music tracks and, of course, displays the time. … We’re very optimistic for the device’s future — our chief concern relates not to the hardware, but how it will affect behavior: If you thought that friend who glances at his smartphone every few minutes was rude, just wait until he owns a Pebble.

(Photo by Flickr user teamstickergiant)