Malkin Award Nominee

“This is the first show in the history of cable television where male viewers actively root for the heroine to keep her clothes on,” – Kurt Schlichter, in a Breitbart-rant against “Girls”.

One tip for “conservatives” tackling pop-culture. Not everything in the arts or literature fits into a liberal-conservative divide. Almost nothing of any quality does. Most good shows, like Girls, are far, far too interesting to be compressed into that kind of ideology. And real conservatives – who regard politics as a necessary evil and life as the great adventure – do not encounter every cultural offering and rate it on some dreary lib-con spectrum of acceptability. That’s what ideologues do. And at one point in the distant past, the entire point of conservatism was to insist against the dictates of ideology, rather than rely entirely upon them to understand everything.

Breitbart actually understood this a little. He was happy to leave politics aside at times. His followers would not even know how to approach a work of art or literature without asking first: is it right or left?