Should Women Be Drafted? Ctd

A reader writes:

I’m sorry, but that reader’s response implying we should just get rid of the Selective Service System is one of the most asinine things I have ever laid eyes on. This argument is akin to the GOP plan to defund FEMA – eh, if there’s a disaster we’ll deal with it when we deal with it. This sort of foolish comment – we haven’t had a draft in 35 years, ergo, we shalt never have one again and we don’t even plan on it – is born of the coddled minds during a very brief and very anomalous time in world history where one country is significantly more powerful than the rest.

In a (very likely) future where America will no longer be secure enough to casually start side-project wars and when the “greatest threat in the world” is not a mid-sized country on the other end of the world that hasn’t invaded anyone in almost 250 years and has no military projection power whatsoever, there very well may be a need to have a draft again. I know it has been two decades since this was the case – apparently a goddamned epoch in the minds of some of my fellow Americans – but that has been the default for the vast majority of the history of the world. It’s not something you hope for, but for Christ’s sake it’s something you at least sorta have a plan for.

Also, this isn’t 1885. This isn’t a lot of paperwork. You can register for the damn thing online like you’re prepping to order a DVD on Amazon. Expensive? The SSS budget is 10% of the New York Yankees team payroll. A-Rod makes more in a year than the SSS gets in funding. If the IRS added a checkbox exempting you from taxes if you just pay for the whole SSS, there are hundreds of Americans who would be fighting one another to check it. The whole peacetime operation at SSS has 136 permanent employees.

Anyway, of course you have women register now. And, regardless, definitely keep the men registering.