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Today on the Dish, Andrew reframed the gun-control debate to give some meaning to the term “pro-life.” He meditated on the role of language in our attitudes on immigration, rebutted Douthat on the origins of America’s liberal sexual mores, and laughed off more of the stale arguments for DOMA. Andrew also recoiled at the nasty desperation of the anti-Hagelians, scoffed at McCain’s and Butters’ performance in today’s confirmation hearing, and shook his head at Hagel’s own flip-flop toward the hawkish line. He glimpsed the sketchier side of the Boy Scouts’ founder and dismissed the pseudo-cultural criticism of Breitbart’s disciples.

Andrew also answered more questions from readers about the new, ad-free Dish coming Monday, whose subscriptions have been gaining momentum lately (a trend you can contribute to  here.)

In political coverage, Larison gauged Rubio’s angle in the push for immigration reform, Barro tracked GOP maneuverings on gay marriage, and we asked whether the Republicans can pacify their Tea Party caucus. A reader made the case for keeping the military’s draft program as Ilya Somin reviewed the legal history of the male-only system. Amanda Marcotte fumed over a conservative organization of pro-gun gals while Ackerman profiled the typical American mass murderer. Jacob Sullum parsed a new poll on America’s anti-prohibition majority and readers stayed on top of the unfolding Boy Scouts ban on gay membership. Meanwhile, Laura Seay colored herself unimpressed by the media’s Mali analysis, we worried about the simmering tensions in the China seas, and Eli Valley gave a crash course on real anti-Semitism.

In miscellanea, Mark Oppenheimer mapped his road back to pot smoking now that he’s a father, Eli Lake had second thoughts about his beloved e-cigarettes, and E.D. Hirsch contended that building vocabulary is the key to fostering literary youngsters. We listened to the moving story of a reader who refused to conceal his HIV+ status and assessed Netflix’s business model of instant gratification. Elsewhere, we wondered if algorithms could put fact-checkers out of business and fancied slapping our smartphones onto our wrists.

We showcased anthem for the nutritionally challenged in the MHB, watched the sun come out in Long Beach, California, and made eye-contact with an Israeli boy who breathed behind a gas mask in the Face of the Day.

– B.J.

(Photos of Dish readers provided by them)