Channel Surfing In Beirut

Mitchell Prothero clicks through the TV in Lebanon, where there is a channel for every sect, creed, and militia:

As a result of Lebanon’s sometimes comical, often tragic political scene, locals and foreigners alike often overlook that the country boasts perhaps the freest media environment in the Middle East. Like its famed religious eclecticism, however, media diversity does not translate into a melting pot — rather it just provides each side a foxhole from which to launch potshots at its enemies. The result is channels that reinforce all their viewers’ prejudices and biases in a manner that can make Fox News look pretty close to its comical slogan of “fair and balanced.”

(Video: Lebanese political analyst Joseph Abu Fadel, an outspoken supporter of the Syrian government, physically assaulted Syrian opposition activist Muhieddine Ladkani Tuesday night on Al-Jazeera TV.)