Copyediting Our DNA, Ctd

Contesting Mark Lynas’ status as a “long-time opponent of GM crops,” Jonathan Matthews views Lynas’ recent “turnaround” on GM crops as primarily a PR narrative:

As Mark Tercek says of the man who once shoved a cream pie in the face of Bjorn Lomborg and made sure he had a film crew on hand to record it, ‘Lynas has a knack for the dramatic.’ He is also a compelling story teller. And these elements seem to be at play in his mea culpa. Many people watching the speech have formed the impression that this is an extraordinary moment in which Mark Lynas finally confronts his past as a protester and founder of the anti-GM movement, leading to his heartfelt apology. But, as we have seen, Lynas was not only not a founder but he has been speaking and writing about his change of heart on GM, including apologizing for his past, for years.