The Newtown Testimonies

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If you didn’t hear the testimony above from Wednesday’s hearings on gun control, try to get through it. Hearing a father speak about the murder of his own child is not easy. Compared with the attitude of Wayne LaPierre, it was, as Susan Mulligan noted, also politically savvy:

House Republicans held a hearing on [birth control], and invited no women to testify. The glaring omission not only detracted from the credibility of the hearings, but ended up buttressing the other side’s case. … Democrats made no such mistake when they held hearings on gun violence Wednesday. They invited the very vocal, unapologetically anti-any-kind-of-gun-restriction executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, to testify. …

LaPierre’s absolutist stance on any kind of restrictions or background checks ended up helping the progun control side. He may well have ginned up his base and fundraising (which may well have been the point), but he did not appear to the general public as someone interested in pursuing a reasonable accord.

He is one of the more effective spokesmen for gun control I know. Resisting even universal background checks? C’mon.