A Drone Of Your Own

Chris Anderson expects that drones will become commonplace:

6a00d83451c45669e2017d40a91176970c-250wiThe usual assumption is that it will be police surveillance and general snooping. Interestingly, that’s just what people feared when the computer, which had also been introduced as a military technology, started to be used commercially in the 1960s. The worry then was that computers would be used primarily to spy on us, as an arm of Big Brother. Only decades later, once we all had one, did we figure out that they were better at work and entertainment, communicating with each other and generally being welcome additions to our lives. That’s because we could control them and tailor their use to our own needs, which we did amazingly well.

Can they keep track of miscreant beagles?

(Image of a drone toy sold on Amazon via Friedersdorf, who compiled customer reviews)