Nostra Maxima Culpa, Ctd

Alyssa Rosenberg asks Alex Gibney, director of Mea Maxima Culpa, whether he sees “commonalities between the Catholic Church and some of the other institutions [Gibney has] made movies about.” Part of Gibney’s response:

[W]hat’s not unique about the church is they’re so convinced of their own good deeds that they’re blind to the possibility that they could do any wrong. Enron was so convinced that it was on this mission to save capitalism by coming up with this technologically sophisticated, unregulated capitalism that would save the world. If you have to cook the books in order to make Enron look a little bit better to protect the sanctity of that idea, that’s what you have to do. The Boy Scouts are so good you can’t let a few bad apples damage that. Every institution likes to believe it’s not the values of the insitution, but a few bad apples.

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