Pay No Attention To The Men Behind The Cartoon


A reader writes:

I’ve been reading you since 2008 and am very glad for your continuing success and innovation. I’ve enjoyed watching the Dish grow to include a full-time staff. Now I’m excited that the new site seems to show that in full-fledged caricature form. I was planning to ask who is depicted in the cartoon above the masthead, but the file-name (cartoon-chris-patrick1.jpg) gave up most of the answer. Still, who is left and who is right?

I must confess that I still miss the mystery redheaded girl. A reader can dream, no?

Patrick is on the left and Chris is on the right, in both the cartoon and the above photo (they both wear glasses about half the time, but Patrick is wearing them in the cartoon). I’m being totally serial when I say they’ve been total heroes this month – even more than usual. I seriously hope Chris slept last night. He can forget. As for the red-headed girl, well … you never know, do you?