The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew challenged the president on his weak rhetoric on tax reform, sounded off on the DOJ white paper justifying extra-judicial killing, and took a closer look at what made ACT UP more than agitprop. He fumed at the Church’s ongoing sabotage of justice, vowed to stay diligent about the GOP’s schemes to skewer representative government, and sampled Washington’s reactions to the ACA’s new conciliation on contraception. Elsewhere, Andrew marked the passage of marriage equality in Britain’s House of Commons on contraception, spoke up in defense of America’s smiley service, despite Tim Noah’s objections, endorsed the e-cig counterculture.

Finally, Andrew, introduced readers to Patrick and Chris, the tireless stewards of the Dish, and took on readers’ praise and critique of the new, independent site before unveiling the transcript of an unreleased podcast with his old friend Christopher Hitchens.

In political coverage, Yglesias tried to steer us between overregulation and underregulation, Paul Campos warned of the oncoming higher-ed bubble, and Waldman honed in on the crucial steps toward gun control. Larison anticipated the GOP’s inadequate stand against Hagel’s confirmation while Mick Mulvaney struck a blow for fiscal sanity within the GOP. Corey Robin applauded the admin of Brooklyn College for hosting a BDS event, James Surowiecki spotted serious revenue in lifting the ban on sports gambling, and Fox News let Dick Morris back into the wild.

In assorted news and views, we wondered whether Netflix’s original series will incite a revolution in home entertainment, Andrew Leonard pointed out the company’s ever-expanding view into your personal tastes, and Ryan McGee requested smaller TV portions in general. Ann Friedman outlined her taxonomy of trolls, Maia Szalavitz spotted a drug for when you’ve had too much drugs, and Steve Benen caught the bright side of the Superbowl blackout.

Travis Waldron joined the mounting case against the football industry, Alyssa Rosenberg asked Alex Gibney what the Catholic Church’s crimes reveal about insulated institutions in general, and Michael Signorelli spotlighted St. Francis’s interaction with and toleration of Islam. We felt the breeze in Tucson, Arizona, watched a hitchhiker’s guide to heroism, and gawked as Gangham style leapt from the page in the MHB. Later, we dropped by a heavily-bearded Viking jamboree in the Face of the Day and followed the breadcrumbs to Sinzig, Germany in today’s VFYW contest (whose spinoff game you can now enjoy any time).