New Dish Update

We promised to keep you updated and here’s the latest. We don’t really have any solid data yet on how effective the meter will be in bringing in revenue, since it’s only been up a couple of days, and 140,000 readers have yet to set off the meter by clicking a read-on. Of all the other readers, only 117 – less than .001% – are now at seven, and about to trigger the pay-button. That’s too small a data set to tell anything meaningful yet. We’ll have a much better sense in a week or so, and a better one in a month. But traffic is robust; and the roll-out, while completely exhausting for all involved, has been much more glitch-free than these things usually are. We’re really encouraged so far by the experiment and especially by reader input on the changes.

If you’re new today, check out our infinite scroll, our new search function (most cool), our new Reader Threads section, and new, easily searchable archive going all the way back to January 2001. I hope reading is also quicker and more responsive, now we’ve removed the ad clutter.